Social Security

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You earned it.
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The first thing to do is apply.


Click the link above to be redirected directly to the Social Security Administration's website which contains instructions on filing your application for disability benefits. 

If your benefits are denied, call me.

The Social Security Administration can only award benefits for up to one year prior to your application date.  So, the sooner you make your application the sooner you lock in your back pay entitlement.  Take a look at the Social Security Administration's Checklist for Online Adult Disability Application (click the link below) and gather the information that you need to make the application before you start.

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If you are not comfortable making your application online, you can call your closest Social Security Field Office and make an appointment and they will help you make your application for Social Security Disability.

There are Social Security Field Offices in Salem, Albany and Eugene.  Click this link to use the Social Security Administration's Field Office Locator.

If your application for disability is denied, call me, Attorney Jonathan R. Bunn at (458)201-5745.

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I take Social Security Disability cases on a contingency basis.  No fee unless you win.

     You should not worry too much if your initial application for Social Security Disability is denied.  Most applications are denied initially.  However, you do need to make your appeal within sixty (60) days and that's when I get involved in Social Security Disability cases.  If after you and I have met we both agree that I will act as your appointed representative, I will file your appeal.  The first level of appeal is a request for reconsideration.  DDS or Disability Determination  Services made the initial decision and the appeal goes back to DDS on reconsideration.  Most cases are denied on reconsideration as well and you should not be overly concerned if you do not prevail on reconsideration.

     The next level of appeal, and the most important one, is the appeal to an Administrative Law Judge. You will want an experienced Social Security Disability Attorney with you at that hearing.

     It is important that you cooperate with Disability Determination Services.  They will be ordering medical records and employment information and they will schedule you for one or more consultive examinations.  You should help DDS obtain your records if they notify you that one of your medical providers or an employer has not responded to a records request and you should attend and cooperate at any consultive examinations that DDS schedules for you.

     The Social Security Administration is not against you.  They want you to get the benefits that you are entitled to.  What I do is help the Social Security Administration make the right decision in your case by making sure that they have a complete record on you and by explaining how that record contains evidence that you meet the definition of disability under their rules.  Although it can be a lengthy process, upon a finding that you are disabled and a finding of the date of onset of disability, you are entitled to back pay for up to one year prior to your application date (less the first five full months of disability).