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     Chapter 7 is straight bankruptcy and Chapter 13 is debt adjustment bankruptcy.  Both chapters put an immediate stop to lawsuits, garnishments, repossession, foreclosure, collection agency calls and other collection activity.

     Each chapter of bankruptcy works better for certain situations.  Timing can be very important in bankruptcy and if you are considering bankruptcy, you should call to discuss your situation as soon as possible.

     For an absolutely free, no obligation bankruptcy consultation call or text (458)201-5745 or email  With some basic information I can tell you whether bankruptcy is right for you and what it would look like in your particular case.  My office is open on most weekends.

     Actionable personal injuries often result from car accidents, truck accidents, bicycle accidents, accidents on premises (slip & fall), medical malpractice, dog bite and by other causes.  Basically, if you suffer injury as a result of another person's fault they are liable to you for the harm (pain, suffering, medical expense, lost wages, etc.) caused by their negligence.

     Oregon is a comparative negligence state.  That means that in an auto accident, for instance, even if you were partly at fault as well you can still recover damages reduced by any negligence assigned to you (as long as your fault is not more than 50%).  Call or text (458)201-5745 for an absolutely free, no obligation accident and injury consultation.  I don't get paid unless I win money for you.

     Criminal charges can have serious consequences.  The stakes can be your money, your reputation, employment and even your liberty.  A criminal record can follow you for a long time -- sometimes for your entire life.  If you've been charged with a crime it's time to lawyer up.  If you can not afford a lawyer, the Court will appoint one to you.  If you can afford a lawyer, you need to call one as soon as you possibly can.  You should never talk to law enforcement before consulting with an attorney.  You should exercise your right to be silent.  You should not give consent to a search of your person or property.  You should obey all lawful orders of the police.

     If you've been charged with a crime call or text (458)201-5745 for an absolutely free, no obligation criminal defense consultation.

    Divorce is stressful under any circumstances.  If there has been an irreparable breakdown in your marriage or domestic partnership it helps to have an experienced attorney guide you through the process of dissolution of marriage, custody, visitation and support issues as well as the division of property and debts.

     If you have been sued for divorce it's important that you file a timely answer to the petition and comply with the statutory restraining order and discovery requests.

     For an absolutely free, no obligation divorce and family law consultation call or text (458)201-5745 or email  

     If due to a physical or mental disability you are no longer able to work you need to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance as soon as possible.  Follow the "Learn More" link below to find out how to apply.

     If you have applied for Social Security Disability and you have been denied your appeal is due within sixty (60) days.

     For an absolutely free, no obligation Social Security Disability Insurance consultation call or text (458)201-5745 or email  When you call, I will ask that you obtain a disc copy of your Social Security record from your local field office.  When you and I review that record at our first meeting, I will be able to knowledgeably discuss your case.

     After over thirty-one (31) years of practice in five states and the federal courts, I've seen a lot.  I have settled a lot of cases and I've tried a lot of cases.  After meeting with you about your case, I can generally tell you what the typical path in cases like yours is and pretty close to how much it will cost and I can work with you on attorney's fees.

     For Personal Injury and Social Security cases, those are contingent.  I only get paid when you get paid.  For Bankruptcy cases, I can usually quote a reasonable, flat fee that you will be able to afford.  Divorce and Criminal cases will require a retainer, but we'll make that affordable and I can usually give you an estimate of the overall costs.

     For any case I offer an absolutely free, no obligation consultation.  My office is open on most weekends.

About Me

     My name is Jonathan R. Bunn and I have been practicing law in the State and Federal Courts of Tennessee, Virginia, Alabama, Utah and now Oregon for over 31 years.  I have helped well over a thousand clients obtain millions of dollars in compensation for injuries both on and off the job and to discharge millions of dollars of debts in bankruptcy.  In criminal cases and divorce casese, my goal is the the most favorable outcome possible for my client.  In Social Security Disability cases, my record is nearly one hundred percent fully favorable decisions.

     I don't have a call center or a chat bot and when you call my office you will talk to me.  For any matter, I offer an absolutely free, no obligation initial consultation.  I can't promise that I will take every case, but I will listen to you and I will answer your questions.  If you decide that I'm the right lawyer for you, I will work diligently to resolve your matter favorably to you and as expeditiously and economically as possible.  I'll always return your telephone calls and I will always respond to your emails and text messages.  My office is open most weekends, but typically closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  I am available for in-person, telephone and video consultations.

Call or text (458)201-5745 for your absolutely free, no obligation consultation.

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The leading rule for the lawyer, as for the man of every calling, is diligence.

Abraham Lincoln

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Great attorney!  This man went above and beyond in every aspect of my case and has helped me with plenty of other legal matters.  I would highly recommend him to anyone needing legal representation.


This guy is Wonderful.  He helped me get through a hard situation always reassuring me I had nothing to worry about even though I was nervous the whole time.  If I ever need anything all I have to do is call him or message him and he always gets back to me answering all my questions.  Would recommend Mr. Jonathan to everybody.


I have nothing but praise for Jonathan as both Attorney and as a person, he was always very down-to-earth and easy to talk with on a one on one basis.  As far as his professional competence, he was adept at ascertaining my financial situation and proposing a strategy for bankruptcy, which allayed much of the stress involved in the process, for every step of the way I felt that he was there for me.  Me and my wife have referred friends to consult with Jonathan and we would sincerely recommend the same to you.