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Talking to a lawyer about a legal problem should be easier to do.

The first consultation about any matter should be absolutely free with no obligation.

You don't need to be pressured to hire a lawyer.  You'll know when you've found the right one.

Practicing law for over thirty years.

     Criminal charges can have serious consequences.  The stakes can be your money, your reputation, employment and even your liberty.  A criminal record can follow you for a long time -- sometimes for your entire life.  If you've been charged with a crime it's time to lawyer up.  If you can not afford a lawyer, the Court will appoint one to you.  If you can afford a lawyer, you need to call one as soon as you possibly can.  You should never talk to law enforcement before consulting with an attorney.  You should exercise your right to be silent.  You should not give consent to a search of your person or property.  You should obey all lawful orders of the police.

     If you've been charged with a crime call or text (458)201-5745 for an absolutely free, no obligation criminal defense consultation.





About me

     I've been practicing law in the state and federal courts of Tennessee, Virginia, Alabama, Utah and now OREGON for over thirty years.  I don't like to advertise (pay for advertising) and if you find me amongst all the attorney and third party legal services advertising on the internet, I will be happy to talk with you about your case.

     I enjoy practicing law but I don't like to think of myself as selling legal services.  I meet with clients about their legal problems and we discuss solutions to those problems.  I've been doing this long enough that I can usually anticipate what a case will require, how long it will take and how much it will cost.  For violations and misdemeanors, I offer simple, flat-fee agreements.

     I work alone and I will be working remotely from home on many days.  I have leased a small basement office in Salem for those times that I need to meet with clients and for when I just prefer to be in the office.  I don't have an assistant or a call service, so when you call you will talk to me.  If I'm out or on another line, please leave a message and I will return your call.  My office is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. 


This guy is Wonderful.  He helped me get through a hard situation always reassuring me I had nothing to worry about even though I was nervous the whole time.  If I ever need anything all I have to do is call him or message him and he always gets back to me answering all my questions.  Would recommend Mr. Jonathan to everybody.
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Call or text (458)201-5745

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